iPhone Repair Service in Sydney


In today's fast moving lifestyle, mishaps can often occur in a crowded and busy city like Sydney, which in turn can cause serious damage to your valuable devices. You can't be expected to run around form shop to shop to get your device repaired if even it gets damaged in any way.

These phones and tablets are an essential part of our daily life as they have replaced many different common objects like clocks to camera, calendar to notepad and many more. Even if a single daily use App starts malfunctioning, it can easily upset your daily routine. A quick and trusted service is what you need to get your life back on track!

We at uBreakiFix Repair provide a complete peace of mind whenever you find yourself in such a situation. We can help you with the repair of your device - MacBook, iPad, or iPhone in and around the Sydney under the most trusted experienced experts while increasing its sustainability.

Our prime motto is Customer Comfort and Convenience. We also provide several other value added services like:

  • Book Service online
  • Door-step pick up & delivery
  • Expert service & quick return

No matter what the issues is - minor or critical, we help you to get your device working smooth and fine just as new. This is possible with the help of our specially skilled and experienced League of Techies. We have a fully equipped iPhone repair and service center in Sydney, where we will bring your damaged devices back to life by fixing up anything and everything, so that your life moves on smoothly.


  •  iPhone LCD / touch screen replacement
  •  iPhone Retina display replacement
  •  iPhone Oled screen / display replacement
  •  iPhone charging port replacement
  •  iPhone camera replacement
  •  iPhone back panel repair and replacement
  •  iPhone back glass replacement
  •  iPhone rear camera glass replacement
  •  iPhone speaker / microphone repair and replacement
  •  iPhone battery replacement
  •  iPhone headphone jack repair and replacement
  •  iPhone vibrator repair and replacement
  •  iPhone charging dock repair and replacement

Devices We Repair

The next time you experience a cracked, scrapped, or dismantled screen on your iPhone 6,iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone x ( 10 ) iPhone xs iPhone Xr iPhone X iPhone XS max iPhone 11 Pro Pro max rely on uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair in Sydney CBD and North Sydney for quality screen replacement services that cannot be matched by our competitors. uBreakiFix practices a clean, safe, and credible iPhone screen repair process designed to restore your iPhone back to its original, fresh-out-of-the-box condition. We are proud to provide fast,efficient, and long-lasting iPhone screen replacement services to the Sydney community.

Wear and tear and maltreatment can cause serious damage to your iPhone charging port, which can make it difficult for your iPhone to charge and ultimately become unusable. Damage to your iPhone charging port are not always covered by your cell phone protection plan and Apple stores can charge heavily for repair and replacement services. Locally-owned and operated, uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair services specialize in providing professional, efficient, and wallet-friendly iPhone charging port repair services for iPhone Models

iPhone Headphone Jack Repair

If you like to listen to music on the go or just enjoy the dual functionality of the Apples headphones with the remote and mic combination, a damaged iPhone headphone jack can be an issue for you and your daily commutes. Fortunately, uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair in uBreakiFix offer reliable headphone jack repair services for iPhone models, both new and recently released models.

When you bring your damaged iPhone to uBreakiFix, your phone will receive a free detailed diagnosis of your iPhone, along with comprehensive repair strategies that are crafted specifically for your iPhone and your individual needs. uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair services are committed to providing quality and efficient headphone jack repair services for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models and previous iPhone models as well.

iPhone Front And Rear Camera Repair and Rear Camera Glass Replacement

uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair offers professional level camera repair services for iPhone models for Sydney`s iPhone users. Your camera is an integral part of your everyday operations. From social networking to family functions, our iPhone camera is a key component of our social lives and even professional lives. Many companies now rely heavily on social integration to expand their exposure and build their marketing campaigns, and a significant part of that process carried by the pictures they take with Apple iPhone’s high definition iSight camera integration.

The expert technicians at uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair are well versed in Apple iPhone technology and can quickly and efficiently repair your iPhone camera if you experience serious repairable damage.

iPhone Zero Cycle and Battery Replacement

uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair service offers battery replacement options from iPhone 6 and later Apple models. uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair service expert technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to restore life back into your iPhoneIf your iPhone is experiencing slow, unresponsive, or faulty battery activity, it may be time to consider getting your iPhone battery replaced.

We do not repair liquid damaged phones outside of data recovery.

We use the same techniques utilized for our component level logic board repairs to retrieve data from your iPhone,from running jumpers to replacing burned components. You only pay if we get your data: if not, no fix no pay !


What we don’t do

We do not provide liquid damage repairs to liquid damaged cellphones, only data recovery

We don’t provide any Software problems solution 

We don't remove phone passcodes or iCloud passwords - this is not possible.

We don’t unlock phones , but we can recommended a website  https://www.cellunlocker.net/