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Quality Part = Quality Repair

Quality Part = Quality Repair

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Maksym Kozlenko
MacBook screen replacement

Happy with work done. Screen looks nice

Ulf Tiderman
Stop working

Do not charge any more, one week after repair

Rod Lewis
Fast and efficient

Fixed my Pixel 6 screen and my phone is like brand new

MacBook Pro - Reborn

Very happy with the service.
Battery replaced in a couple of hours.
Definitely be back for any future service needs.

Guy Podmore

Had my pixel 7 pro screen replaced and the result is like new. Fast, no nonsense service with a genuine part. Not cheap but worth it for the quality, the piece of mind and warranty protection.

10 Years Of Unparalleled iPhone Screen Repair Service

Since our initiation in 2012, uBreakiFix has championed iPhone screen repair in Sydney. With a legacy of over 300,000 Apple devices mended, if you've been searching for "iPhone screen repair near me", we are the answer.

iPhone Screen Replacement Solutions 

Expert Technicians 

Comprehensive Care: From a basic touch screen issue to data recovery after accidental damage, our expert technicians have solutions for every type of repair. Whether you're looking to fix iPhone screen in Sydney or any other iPhone model, we have you covered.

Why uBreakiFix is the best iPhone Screen Repair in Sydney

  • Transparent Pricing

    If your concern is about the iPhone screen repair Sydney cost or overall phone screen repair cost iPhone, our screen repairs cost offers unparalleled value, especially when compared to Apple stores.

  • Expert Technicians 

    Comprehensive Care: From a basic touch screen issue to data recovery after accidental damage, our expert technicians have solutions for every type of repair. Whether you're looking to fix iPhone screen in Sydney or any other iPhone model, we have you covered.


  • Prime Sydney Location

    Our strategically located hub ensures that you can repair your iPhone swiftly, often within a 45-minute window, be it for water damage data recovery to repair or screen replacements.

Broad Range of High- Quality Services for Every iPhone Repair

  • Precise screen replacements for broken screens 
  • Rapid data recovery for water damage devices 
  • High-quality parts used in every type of repair
  • Fixes for touch screen malfunctions 
  • Tailored solutions for each iPhone model

Our Promise: Exceptional Quality in Every Repair and Replacement

Every iPhone model deserves elite treatment. Every repair and replacement we undertake is backed by our promise of using only the finest quality parts. Each service, be it for screen replacements or intricate issues, comes with a month warranty aligning with, or even surpassing, the manufacturer's warranty.

iPhone Screen Repairs: Quality, Choices, and Costs

Every day, we receive numerous calls from customers inquiring about the cost of replacing iPhone screens. When we provide both prices to customers, they often become confused. It's challenging to explain the distinctions over the phone, leading many to visit nearby repair shops for clarity. We offer aftermarket parts to remain competitive.

However, before moving forward with any repairs, we always explain the significant differences in the quality of these parts. Daily, customers come to our store, mentioning they had their iPhone screens replaced at other places and were left disappointed with the results.


We're not taken aback. If they had been thoroughly educated on the differences, they would most likely have chosen the original parts.

Additionally, customers are usually presented with only two choices: go directly to Apple or opt for what is portrayed as the best alternative outside Apple. This perception is misleading.

How much does it cost to repair a iPhone screen ?


iPhone Screen Replacement cost in Sydney ubreakifix start following below

iPhone Model

Screen repair cost

Repair Time

iPhone SE2 $9930 Minutes
iPhone SE 3 $9930 Minutes
iPhone X $9930 Minutes
iPhone XR $9930 Minutes
iPhone Xs $9930 Minutes
iPhone 11 $9930 Minutes
iPhone 11 Pro$9930 Minutes
iPhone 11 Pro Max $9930 Minutes
iPhone 12 Mini $991 Hour
iPhone 12 $1291 Hour
iPhone 12 Pro $1291 Hour
iPhone 12 Pro Max $1791 Hour
iPhone 13 Mini $1791 Hour
iPhone 13 $1791 Hour
iPhone 13 Pro NANA
iPhone 13 Pro Max NANA
iPhone 14 $1791 Hour
iPhone 14 Plus $229NA
iPhone 14 Pro NANA
iPhone 14 Pro Max NANA





Apple Store iPhone Screen Repair cost in Australia

Model of the iPhone The cost of repair cracked screens can vary depending on the model of your iPhone. Older models, like the iPhone 6, may cost around $229 for a screen repair. However, newer models, such as the iPhone 15 Pro, could cost up to $549.

AppleCare If you're covered by AppleCare+, the cost of screen repair can be significantly reduced, with prices starting at $45 for screen damage.

If you're planning to have your iPhone screen replacement service or any other repair done at an Apple Store, here are the steps to follow


  • Backup Your iPhone Always back up your data before any repair. 
  • if you have AppleCare+. Your coverage will greatly influence the repair costs.
  • Make a Genius Bar Appointment on the Apple website
  • Visit the Apple Store



Extend Your iPhone’s Lifespan

  • After our meticulous intervention, ensure the longevity of your device with our range of protective accessories. Beyond advising you to fix your phone, we want to make sure your phone screen and other components remain in pristine condition for the longest time possible.

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