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Matthew Stone
Excellant - Very Highly Recommend

This service is amazing. I was tempted to buy an online kit and try to replace my battery in my macbook but why take the risk on something so important. The risk to damage the entire board was too high and there are so many cases of where people have messed up. The price is great, the quality of the new battery great, the service from staff was amazing and i was very happy and confident in the result now a couple of weeks later and seeing how well it works, and it was turned around in only a few hours. Don't risk it, take your device to someone that gives it highly qualified care and uses quality parts.

Steven Hare
Repair was great, screen works like original

I needed my Pixel 6 pro screen replaced.. a pricey proposal for a 2 year old phone .. but I paid it and am glad I did. Phone works like a champ once again.

Lisa Jones
Great service

I had my MacBook Air screen replaced and it was done efficiently and so far so good.

Ricky Wijaya

no comment

Karim Mariey

Super helpful - fixed screen in 10 mins!

10 Years Of Unparalleled Samsung Repair Service

Since our initiation in 2012, uBreakiFix has championed Samsung mobile phone repair in Sydney. With a legacy of over 300,000 devices mended, if you've been searching for "Samsung repair near me", we are the answer.

Quality Part = Quality Repair

Every Samsung model is entitled to premium care. Each repair or replacement we perform is guaranteed to utilize highest quality parts. Whether it's for screen replacements or complex problems, our services include a warranty that meets or exceeds the manufacturer's warranty.

uBreakiFix practices a clean, safe, and credible Samsung Galaxy repair process designed to restore your Galaxy back to its original, fresh-out-of-the-box condition. We are proud to provide fast, efficient, and long-lasting Samsung Galaxy repair services to the Sydney community.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

The Samsung Galaxy Repair at uBreakiFix in Sydney is dedicated to resolving common issues experienced by users of Samsung Galaxy devices. This includes problems with screens, batteries, charging ports, and cameras. uBreakiFix provides efficient and affordable repair solutions for these issues, ensuring that each repair uses high-quality parts and is backed by a warranty. Whether it's a cracked screen, a battery that won't hold a charge, a damaged charging port, or camera issues, uBreakiFix aims to restore Samsung Galaxy devices to their optimal condition, offering professional service and convenience to Sydney's Samsung mobile device users.

Samsung Galaxy Note Repair

At uBreakiFix, we take your Samsung Galaxy note phone tablet repair seriously. We understand how important it is to have a smartphone or tablet with optimal performance throughout your day. Therefore, if you have a Samsung Galaxy that is damaged in Sydney, uBreakiFix is your best source for quality repairs done fast. We service a full line of Samsung Galaxy models, including the latest Samsung Note 9, Samsung 10e, and Other Samsung Galaxy models.

Our certified technicians work hard to deliver exceptional, personalized service every time you walk through our doors. From, battery replacement, part replacement or cracked screen repair, uBreakiFix can meet your Samsung needs in Sydney today. In fact, most of our repairs are typically complete while you wait!

Screen Replacement

uBreakiFix in Sydney is the leading name for quality Samsung Galaxy repairs. Whether your device will no longer hold a charge, your screen has been cracked, Our professionally qualified technicians are able to make any needed repair for the Samsung Galaxy S22, s23 screen, S24, and Samsung Note. With same-day or next-day appointments and quick turn-around times available, it has never been easier to have your needed Samsung Galaxy screen replacement. Book online now to set up a repair that works for you and your hectic schedule.

Battery Replacement

uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair service offers battery replacement options from Samsung Galaxy S8 and later Samsung models. uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair service expert technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to restore life back into your Samsung Galaxy If your Samsung Galaxy is experiencing slow, unresponsive, or faulty battery activity, it may be time to consider getting your Samsung Galaxy battery replaced.

Camera Replacement

uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair offers professional level camera repair services for Samsung Galaxy models for Sydney`s Samsung phone users. Your camera is an integral part of your everyday operations. From social networking to family functions, our Samsung Galaxy camera is a key component of our social lives and even professional lives.

The expert technicians at uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair are well versed in Samsung Galaxy technology and can quickly and efficiently repair your Samsung Galaxy camera if you experience serious repairable damage.


Samsung Repair Cost

  • The cost of repairing a Samsung phone can vary significantly depending on the model you own. For owners of older Galaxy models, such as the first-generation a13, the repair costs can be relatively modest. Screen repairs for these earlier models may start at around $75, offering a cost-effective way to extend the life of your device. Additionally, battery replacement costs begin at $99, providing a fresh lease of life to your Galaxy. Charging port repairs also start from $75, ensuring your device remains fully functional and able to charge efficiently.