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Genuine Parts are critical to a quality repair to make sure you get your Pixel Screen back working the way it should.if not genuine, its not fixed.

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Quality Part = Quality Repair

Quality Part = Quality Repair

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Macbook Battery Replacement

Micheal Ivan Joseph
Great and quick service

Came with a broken phone and was fixed in less than an hour. Easy to schedule. Great service. Highly recommend if you want a quick fix for your device

David King
Battery Replacement

I'm very pleased with the service from this company
With no way to contact with Google about my pixel 6 phone overheating and the battery swelling this company did a great job replacing it in 2 hrs and a great price.as well.
Thank you.

Peter Woodward
MacBook repair

Quick repair at short notice. Convenient city drop off and pick up.

Nick Jackson
MAC book repair

UBREAKFIX did an excellent job of fixing my daughter Mac Book, they were very friendly and professional

Best Google Pixel 8 Pro Screen Replacement in Sydney Australia

In our ten years of unparalleled Pixel 8 Pro screen repair service, finding another company with our depth of experience in Google Pixel repairs might be a tough task. With countless five-star reviews on Google, our professional and friendly service is highly recommended by many google pixel users If you've ever searched for "Google Pixel screen repair near me" or "Pixel 8 Pro screen repair service," you'll soon discover that uBreakiFix stands out as the top mobile phone repair solution for cracked screens and other Pixel phone malfunctions in Australia.

Genuine Part = Quality Repair

When you have a broken screen on your Google Pixel, knowing that there's a reliable repair service in Sydney that uses genuine parts can offer immense relief. At uBreakiFix, we've done a great job over the years, ensuring every Google phone is treated with care. Whether you need your charging port replaced or your glass replaced, we have both the genuine part and the expertise required.

Why Choose UBreakiFix for Your Google Pixel Repair

  • Transparent Pricing

    If you're concerned about the cost of Pixel screen repair in Sydney or the overall phone screen repair cost for a Pixel, our pricing offers unparalleled value, especially compared to others who don't use genuine parts.

  • Expert Technicians, Fast Service,Repair With Confidence

    Don't risk your precious Google phone with amateurs, especially when dealing with a cracked screen or other common issues. Our trained technicians at uBreakiFix excel in quick repairs, ensuring you're back with your device in no time. We pride ourselves on providing professional and friendly service, which, combined with our competitive repair cost, makes us a preferred choice over even the Google Store.

  • World Class Customer Service

    After your Google Pixel screen or rear camera is fixed, our commitment to you doesn't end. If issues arise, our after-service is renowned for its efficiency. There's no need for physical receipts; just email us, and our proactive team will sort it out.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Screen Repair & Replacement Service

A shattered screen, especially something as specific as a Pixel 8 Pro screen, is a common woe. But when the damage goes beyond surface level – manifesting as black spots or discolorations, or even an unresponsive touch – it's evident that you're dealing with a deeper issue. The replacement service offered at uBreakiFix ensures such complications are tackled with high quality and efficiency.

Same Day Pixel 8Pro Screen Repair in Sydney

Our emphasis on quick repairs means that tasks, be it a battery replacement, fixing a broken screen, 8 pro screen replacement, are completed expediently. A Google Pixel 8 Pro glass replacement, for instance, concludes in roughly 2 hours if booked in advance.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Google Pixel 8 Pro Screen

The cost to get your screen repaired or undergo a pro screen replacement can vary based on the Pixel model you own. A regular model, like the Pixel 8, might set you back around $400, while the contemporary Pixel 8 Pro could touch $580.

Regardless of the model, our Australia-wide reach ensures you get the best rates and genuine parts every time.

Extend Your Pixel 8 Pro Lifespan

At our store, we understand the importance of protecting your Google Pixel device. That's why we offer top-of-the-line screen protection installation services. Our tempered glass screen protectors are designed to cover the entire active area of the Pixel display, providing maximum coverage and protection against scratches, cracks, and other damage.

Not only are our tempered glass screen protectors durable and scratch-resistant, but they are also crystal clear, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant colors and sharp details of your Pixel display without any distortion. 

Additionally, our screen protectors are designed to retain the phone's fingerprint functionality, so you can continue to easily unlock your device and access your apps and information with ease. 

When you choose our Google Pixel tempered glass screen protection installation services, you can rest assured that your device is in good hands. Our experienced technicians will carefully apply the screen protector to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection for your Pixel device. Don't wait until it's too late – protect your investment with our stellar tempered glass screen protection installation services today. 

Protection is vital, and we've fixed many Pixels with our top-tier protective solutions. Our high-quality tempered glass screen protector installations are a testament to that. Not only do they shield the entire active display of the Pixel, but they're also scratch-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Google Pixel Screen Protector installation

Protection is key. We offer stellar Google Pixel Tempered Glass Screen Protection Installation. Not only do they cover the entire active area of the Pixel display, but they're also scratch-resistant, clear, and retain the phone's fingerprint functionality.