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Genuine Parts are critical to a quality repair to make sure you get your Pixel Screen back working the way it should.if not genuine, its not fixed.


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Quality Part = Quality Repair

Quality Part = Quality Repair

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Maksym Kozlenko
MacBook screen replacement

Happy with work done. Screen looks nice

Ulf Tiderman
Stop working

Do not charge any more, one week after repair

Rod Lewis
Fast and efficient

Fixed my Pixel 6 screen and my phone is like brand new

MacBook Pro - Reborn

Very happy with the service.
Battery replaced in a couple of hours.
Definitely be back for any future service needs.

Guy Podmore

Had my pixel 7 pro screen replaced and the result is like new. Fast, no nonsense service with a genuine part. Not cheap but worth it for the quality, the piece of mind and warranty protection.

Best Google Pixel Screen Replacement in Sydney Australia

In a decade of Unmatched pixel screen repair, you'd be hard-pressed to find another company with such a rich history in Google Pixel repair service. With a myriad of five-star reviews on Google, our service is highly recommended by many If you've ever typed "Google Pixel screen repair near me," you'll find that we're your leading solution for cracked screens and other pixel phone repairs.

Genuine Part = Quality Repair

When you have a broken screen on your Google Pixel, knowing that there's a reliable repair service in Sydney that uses genuine parts can offer immense relief. At uBreakiFix, we've done a great job over the years, ensuring every Google phone is treated with care. Whether you need your charging port replaced or your glass replaced, we have both the genuine part and the expertise required.

Why Choose UBreakiFix for Your Google Pixel Repair

  • Transparent Pricing

    If you're concerned about the cost of Pixel screen repair in Sydney or the overall phone screen repair cost for a Pixel, our pricing offers unparalleled value, especially compared to others who don't use genuine parts.

  • Expert Technicians, Fast Service,Repair With Confidence

    Don't risk your precious Google phone with amateurs, especially when dealing with a cracked screen or other common issues. Our trained technicians at uBreakiFix excel in quick repairs, ensuring you're back with your device in no time. We pride ourselves on providing professional and friendly service, which, combined with our competitive repair cost, makes us a preferred choice over even the Google Store.

  • World Class Customer Service

    After your Google Pixel screen or rear camera is fixed, our commitment to you doesn't end. If issues arise, our after-service is renowned for its efficiency. There's no need for physical receipts; just email us, and our proactive team will sort it out.

Google Pixel Screen Repair & Replacement

A shattered or cracked screen is a common issue many face. But when your Google Pixel screen shows black spots, discolorations, or is unresponsive, you're dealing with more than just surface damage. Our service offered at uBreakiFix ensures that such issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Same Day Google Pixel Screen Repair Sydney

How long does it take to fix the Google Pixel screen? At uBreakiFix, our efficient approach means most repairs, from a charging port replacement to fixing a broken screen, are done swiftly. Specifically, a Google Pixel screen replacement will take about 3 hours with a prior booking.

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Google Pixel Glass Screen Protector Installation

Protection is key. We offer stellar Google Pixel Tempered Glass Screen Protection Installation. Not only do they cover the entire active area of the Pixel display, but they're also scratch-resistant, clear, and retain the phone's fingerprint functionality.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Google Pixel Screen?

Model of the Google Pixel The cost of repairing cracked screens can vary depending on the model of your Pixel. Older models, like the Pixel 3XL, may cost around $199 for a screen repair. However, newer models, such as the Pixel 8 Pro could cost up to $580.

Google Pixel Screen Replacement cost

  • Genuine Part Google Pixel Screen Replacement Cost in Sydney ubreakifix start following below


    Pixel Model

    Screen Repair 

    Cost & Pricing (AUD )

    Walk in Repairs Turnaround TimeMail in Repairs Turnaround Time
    Pixel 3a Genuine Part$1493 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 3a XL Genuine Part$2293 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 4a  Genuine Part$1993 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 4a XL Genuine Part$2293 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 5 Genuine Part$4003 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 6 Genuine Part$3293 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 6 Pro Genuine Part$5503 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 6a Genuine Part$2993 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 7 Genuine Part$3403 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 7 Pro Genuine Part$5503 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 7a Genuine Part$3293 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 8 Genuine Part$4003 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 8 Pro Genuine Part$5803 hourSame Day Shipping 
    Pixel 8a Genuine PartNANASame Day Shipping 

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