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품질 부품 = 품질 수리

Customer Reviews

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Simon Zipperlen
Great fast expert service with personal customer care

Great fast expert service with personal customer care on drop-off, pickup and followup. Costs are also reasonable. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Tania Stonehill
Replace Broken iPhone Screen

Screen was replaced quickly and efficiently within an hour. Very impressed with the service. Thank you.

Herb To
Quick quality repair

I had a cracked screen on my S22 Ultra and I didn't have an appointment booked - had it replaced with genuine Samsung parts in a few hours. Appreciate the effort and the quick turnaround.

Emilie Feltin

Pixel Screen Replacement

Google Pixel 5 battery

New battery change in a day. Perfect service and good price. I will be back for sure if my phone has any issue

Sell & Trade In Your Broken iPhone

Do you have a broken iPhone lying around? Don't let it go to waste! At uBreakiFix, we specialize in turning your damaged iPhones into cash. Whether it's a cracked screen, cracked back glass, a faulty battery, or any other issue, we're here to offer cash for your device. Discover how easy, profitable, and environmentally friendly it is to sell your broken iPhone to us. If you've been searching for 'sell broken iPhone near me,' we are the answer."

We Pay You Cash, not a store credit or gift card

We Buy iPhones in Any Broken Condition *

Looking for cash for your iPhone, no matter its condition? At uBreakiFix, we recognize that even iPhones with a broken screen, back glass damage, or other functional issues have value. Whether you're planning to sell or trade in, assessing your device accurately is key to getting a fair quote.

Broken Screen: If your screen is cracked but the phone still functions, we can offer you competitive cash.

Back Glass Damage: Phones with back glass damage are still valuable if they're functioning well in other respects.

Functional Issues: We also buy iPhones with other functional problems that might affect battery life, camera quality, or connectivity.

Why Sell Your iPhone to uBreakiFix?

  • Trust and Reliability

    At uBreakiFix, we have built a reputation over 10 years for honest, transparent transactions. 

    With over 300,000 successful iPhone repairs, our expertise ensures that you get the best service and value for your device.

  • Competitive Offers

    We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for iPhones in any condition. 

    Whether your iPhone is like new or has seen better days, we evaluate it fairly to ensure you receive the best possible offer

  • Convenient and Fast

    We understand your time is valuable. That's why our selling process is streamlined and efficient. 

    Get a quick quote, immediate payment, and friendly service all in one place, so you can walk out satisfied.

We buy broken iPhones with cracked screen

Is your iPhone’s screen cracked or shattered? While fixing an iPhone screen might have been a cheaper fix in the past, today, with the rising costs of official parts, repairing your iPhone might not be the most economical choice. At uBreakiFix, we offer you a valuable alternative. Sell your damaged iPhone to us and get competitive compensation without the hassle and high cost of repairs.

Screen Condition Urgency: If your iPhone's screen is cracked but still clear, without any discoloration, now is the best time to sell. 

Prevent further damage that can diminish its value dramatically.

Screen Damage Severity: Whether it's a small crack or a completely shattered screen, we consider all levels of damage.

Overall Functionality: Other functions of the phone should be in working order, although exceptions are made based on the model and extent of other damages.



We buy broken iPhones with cracked back

Back glass damage on your iPhone not only affects its aesthetics but can also compromise the device’s integrity and functionality. Given the high cost of repairs, especially with official parts, selling your iPhone with broken back glass can be a more advantageous option. At uBreakiFix, we offer a straightforward, valuable solution for your damaged device.

  • How does back glass damage affect my iPhone’s value?

  • Back glass damage typically reduces an iPhone’s resale value, but at uBreakiFix, we still offer the best possible price by assessing the overall functionality and model of the device.

  • Is it worth repairing the back glass before selling?

  • Due to the high costs associated with this repair, it is often more cost-effective to sell your damaged iPhone directly to us.

We buy both sides of damaged iPhone

Does your iPhone have damage on both the screen and the back glass? At uBreakiFix, we understand that accidents happen, and sometimes they affect more than one part of your device. Repairing multiple areas of damage can be costly and time-consuming. Instead of dealing with expensive repairs, consider selling your dual-damaged iPhone to us for a hassle-free solution that puts cash in your pocket.

Why Selling to uBreakiFix is Your Best Option

Comprehensive Damage Assessment: We take iPhones with damage on both the front screen and the back glass. No matter the extent of the damage, we provide a fair assessment and offer competitive prices.

Trade in Your Broken iPhone at uBreakiFix 

Get Cash Not Just-Recycling

Considering a trade-in for your broken iPhone trade-in? If you’re looking where to trade a broken iPhone, you might find that Apple's trade-in options are limited. While Apple does accept iPhones with broken screens for trade-in, they only offer recycling services for iPhones with more severe damages, such as broken back glass or dual damage on both sides. This means you could end up without any financial return on your device.

ubreakifix is the Best Place to sell broken iPhone for cash

At uBreakiFix, we believe your broken iPhone still holds value, no matter the extent of its damage. Unlike Apple, ubreakifix payment method is cash payments for iPhones with any type of damage, including those with shattered screens, cracked back glass, or damage on both sides. This makes uBreakiFix the ideal and makes best place to seel broken iPhone and maximize the value from your broken device.

We Buy iPhones with Functional Damage

    • Even if your iPhone isn't working perfectly, it might still hold value. 
    • At ubreakifix, we recognize the potential in iPhones that have functional damage.
    • Whether it’s a battery issue, faulty cameras, or problems with connectivity, we’re interested in giving these phones a new lease on life.
    • What We Look For in iPhones with Functional Damage:
    • Types of Damage: We accept iPhones with various functional issues, including battery problems, unresponsive buttons, camera malfunctions, and issues with sound or connectivity.
    • Extent of Damage: The device should not be completely non-functional. It should power on and be able to perform some basic functions.




Maximize Your iPhone's Value at uBreakiFix

Best Place to Sell iPhone: We offer competitive pricing for iPhones in any condition.
How to Sell a Damaged iPhone: We simplify the process, making it easy and transparent.
iPhone Resale and Eco-Friendly Disposal: Not only do we offer great resale value, but we also provide eco-friendly options for disposing of old electronics.
Act Now: Visit uBreakiFix to get a quote or trade in your iPhone today. Experience the best in convenience and value, all under one roof!