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Matthew Stone
Excellant - Very Highly Recommend

This service is amazing. I was tempted to buy an online kit and try to replace my battery in my macbook but why take the risk on something so important. The risk to damage the entire board was too high and there are so many cases of where people have messed up. The price is great, the quality of the new battery great, the service from staff was amazing and i was very happy and confident in the result now a couple of weeks later and seeing how well it works, and it was turned around in only a few hours. Don't risk it, take your device to someone that gives it highly qualified care and uses quality parts.

Steven Hare
Repair was great, screen works like original

I needed my Pixel 6 pro screen replaced.. a pricey proposal for a 2 year old phone .. but I paid it and am glad I did. Phone works like a champ once again.

Lisa Jones
Great service

I had my MacBook Air screen replaced and it was done efficiently and so far so good.

Ricky Wijaya

no comment

Karim Mariey

Super helpful - fixed screen in 10 mins!

10 Years Of Unparalleled Phone Repair Service

Since our initiation in 2012, uBreakiFix has championed Phone repair in Sydney. With a legacy of over 300,000 devices mended, if you've been searching for "Phone repair near me", we are the answer.

Quality Part = Quality Repair

Every Phone model is entitled to premium care. Each repair or replacement we perform is guaranteed to utilize only top-quality parts. Whether it's for screen replacements or complex problems, our services include a warranty that meets or exceeds the manufacturer's warranty.

Mobile Phone Repair

At ubreakifix , we're experts in bringing mobile devices back to life, whether they've succumbed to water damage, software glitches, or physical wear. Specializing in a vast array of phone repairs, we handle everything from charging ports that refuse to function to mobile phones silenced by accidental drops. Leveraging our extensive experience with devices like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel , we promise not just exceptional customer service but a commitment to quality that sets us apart.

Mobile Phone Screen Repair

Mobile Phone Screen Repair Cracked screens are the most common affliction for phones, detracting from the user experience and exposing your device to further damage. Our screen repair services are designed to swiftly replace the phone screen of your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or any other mobile device with precision and care, ensuring your screen looks and functions as if it just came out of the box. We understand the inconvenience cracked screens cause, which is why we strive to complete screen replacements same day fast turnaround.

Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

A failing battery can turn even the most sophisticated mobile phone into a mere paperweight. Our battery replacement services breathe new life into your device, ensuring you're not constantly tethered to a charging cable. We meticulously replace batteries in phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, using only the best parts to guarantee performance that matches or exceeds the original.

Mobile Phone Charging Repair

When mobile phones refuse to charge, the culprit is often the charging port. Our technicians possess the skill to repair or replace faulty charging ports on a wide range of devices, from the latest Apple iPhone models to older Samsung Galaxy phones. We restore the crucial connection between your device and its power source, ensuring you stay powered up and ready for whatever the day brings.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Losing access to the photos, videos, and mobile phone data that chronicle our lives can be devastating. Our phone data recovery services are tailored to recover your data from physically damaged or non-responsive devices. Whether it's water damage to your iPhone or a software issue on your Pixel, our experts employ advanced techniques to retrieve your invaluable photos, videos, and more, often recovering data thought to be lost forever.

Mobile Phone Accessories

  • To complement our repair services, ubreakifix offers an array of accessories for phones and tablets. From durable cases that protect against drops and water damage to high-quality screen protectors that fend off cracked screens, our selection is designed to enhance and safeguard your mobile device. We also stock chargers, cables, and everything else needed to keep your mobile phone at peak performance.