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Peter Blanch
Excellent service

Quick turn around time. I needed a trackpad fixed. Not a common fault but it was fixed promptly

Harriet Richert
Consistent great service

Replaced the battery in my MacBook on my first visit. Efficient and friendly.
This time my mac wouldn't boot up. (And yes, I checked charger, power outlet, held power button down etc). In a state of slight panic I shot round to UbreakIfix. And they did fix it - in minutes. And gave me some other really good advice. These guys are excellent. Highly recommended.

The best place to go and get your devices fixed.

I was recommended UBREAKIFIX by my sister when my laptop broke. The place is quiet, nice and professional. The owner is super friendly, like super friendly. Fast service, high standards.

I love the fact that I could get honest opinions on whether it is worth it to fix something.

I would recommend this to anyone. Please go check the store out.

The best place to get your phone/device fixed

I've been using UBREAKIFIX for years now and taken multiple devices to them. I like that their prices are displayed on the web so you already know what you're paying before you get there.

I like the honest service too. I've once taken a tablet there after my son dropped it. The advice given was that it wasn't worth fixing because the damage was more than the screen and I would be back within months.

UBREAKIFIX have always given me great service, a quick turn around and the best price. That's why I keep going back.