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Simon Zipperlen
Great fast expert service with personal customer care

Great fast expert service with personal customer care on drop-off, pickup and followup. Costs are also reasonable. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Tania Stonehill
Replace Broken iPhone Screen

Screen was replaced quickly and efficiently within an hour. Very impressed with the service. Thank you.

Herb To
Quick quality repair

I had a cracked screen on my S22 Ultra and I didn't have an appointment booked - had it replaced with genuine Samsung parts in a few hours. Appreciate the effort and the quick turnaround.

Emilie Feltin

Pixel Screen Replacement

Google Pixel 5 battery

New battery change in a day. Perfect service and good price. I will be back for sure if my phone has any issue

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Since our founding in 2012, uBreakiFix has been the leading name for Samsung Phone Repair in Sydney. With a track record of fixing over 300,000 Samsun devices, if you're on the lookout for "Samsung Galaxy Charging Port Repair near me", look no further than us.

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if you have an Samsung with a charging port that no longer charges your phone, doesn't let you connect to your computer, or has a charger broken inside of it, let us repair it to get you back up and running again Wear and tear and maltreatment can cause serious damage to your Samsung port, which can make it difficult for your Galaxy port and ultimately become unusable. Damage to your Samsung port are not always covered by your cell phone protection plan and Samsung stores can charge heavily for repair and replacement services uBreakiFix Cell Phone Repair services specialize in providing professional, efficient, and wallet-friendly Samsung port repair services for Samsung Models

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  • 10 Years Of Unparalleled Samsung Repair Service

    With extensive experience for over 10 years and 300,000+ repairs, our team of highly trained technicians will be able to help you with any repair you need, on any of your Galaxy. We pride ourselves exceptional customer service and strive to assist your expectations. You can be sure to be looked after by friendly professional staff who know what they’re talking about and provide the highest quality service for the lowest possible price. Our competitive pricing is met with a fast turnaround time to guarantee that you will be more than happy.

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    Giving your expensive device in the hands of an inexperienced technician is no less than a nightmare.uBreakiFix has trained technicians who excel in solving all sorts of technical issues! uBreakiFix is systematic in its repair process. With trained technicians, the time taken to repair a device is not long. It should be noted that uBreakiFix is well known for giving its customers hassle-free after-service.

  • World Class Customer Service

    After receiving a repair service, it is important that you can reach the repairer hassle free warranty claim process. We won't ask for your receipt, you can simply reply invoice email with providing a brief message and our team will a create ticket for your issue's peace of mind. uBreakiFix is well known for giving its customers hassle-free after-service.

common causes of charging stop on Samsung Phones

No matter how careful you are with your Samsung Galaxy's charging cable, there may come a time when you'll need to replace the charging port. Doing so can significantly enhance your phone's battery life, performance, and durability, eliminating the need for a new device. Here are signs that your Samsung Galaxy mobile device may need a new USB-C port repair or replacement, along with descriptions of potential damages:


What to do if Samsung won't charge

  • Try a different power source to charge your Galaxy

  • Check the Samsung charging cable and power outlet adapter

  • Try wirelessly charging your Samsung

  • if still not charging book an appointment at ubreakifix

What You Should Avoid

Firstly, ensure your Galaxy hasn't been exposed to water damaged or any other liquid. If it has, make sure not to plug it into power or connect it to a wireless charger. Do not insert any objects into the port.Book an appointment with uBreakiFix

7 Samsung Galaxy Note Charging Port Repair

ubreakifix repair Samsung Galaxy note ports using Professional repair tools and equipment are required to remove this blockage, as the pins are fragile and easily damaged. We have a high success rate in repairing such issues, provided no foreign objects have been inserted and there have been no attempts by the user or inexperienced technicians to fix the problem themselves.

Samsung Charging USB Port Replacement

The replacement of the port is typically necessary in certain circumstances, such as when there is liquid damage Moisture detected activated, pin damage, or unsuccessful repair attempts by inexperienced technicians or users.

Samsung Charging port repair cost?

  • Samsung charging port repair cost The cost of repairing a charging port depends on the Galaxy model and varies accordingly. If you're wondering about the cost to repair an Samsung charging port, here's what you need to know: for older models, such as the Galaxy S20, the repair cost is approximately $99, while for more recent models, like the Samsung Galaxy flip and note model, a type c & USB-C Port repair may cost about $199.


    Samsung Model

    USB Port Repair Price ( AUD )

    Repair Time

    Galaxy S20$991 Hour
    Galaxy S20 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy S20 Ultra$991 Hour
    Galaxy S20 FE$991 Hour
    Galaxy S21$991 Hour
    Galaxy S21 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy S21 Ultra$991 Hour
    Galaxy S21 FE$991 Hour
    Galaxy S22$991 Hour
    Galaxy S22 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy S22 Ultra$991 Hour
    Galaxy S23$991 Hour
    Galaxy S23 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy S23 Ultra$991 Hour
    Galaxy S24$991 Hour
    Galaxy S24 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy S24 Ultra$991 Hour
    Galaxy Z Flip$991 Hour
    Galaxy Z Fold$991 Hour
    Galaxy Note 10$991 Hour
    Galaxy Note 10 Lite$991 Hour
    Galaxy Note 10 Plus$991 Hour
    Galaxy Note 20$991 Hour
    Galaxy Note 20 Plus$991 Hour

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