Haz 27, 2020

Why uBreakiFix Should Be Your Next Pick For Getting Your iPhone Repair in Sydney

Why uBreakiFix Should Be Your Next Pick For Getting Your iPhone Repair in Sydney
Coming later this year, Apple’s new accessibility features include Eye Tracking, a way for users to navigate iPad and iPhone with just their eyes.

You spend a hefty amount in buying a premium device like an iPhone, but what if one fine day your phone decides to conk off, leaving you in a messy situation? The chances are high, very high. And why not, iPhone too is an electronic device and could cause issues leaving you in repair queues at service centres. 

Be it an iPhone screen replacement, a battery issue, a camera roll crash, a black screen, data loss or something else, there can be many unforeseen instances where your phone will need a repair or service. What do you do then? What are all the hurdles one faces when going for an iPhone repair in Sydney ?

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Finding a service centre – When you type the words iPhone service center near me or iPhone repair near me, a lot of results will pop up. How do you know which service center is the best of the lot? Going through all the reviews can be taxing, followed by making an appointment call at your chosen iPhone service center in Sydney City .

Taking a day off to go to the service centre – The working hours of service centers are the same as your office hours, which means an unplanned extra leave just for this.

Haggling with unprofessional executives – The person sitting on the service center counter may or may not be receptive to your request, thereby totally failing to understand your complaint.

Follow up multiple times on the repair status – Once given for repair, there is no certainty as to when will it be done. Hence, you have to call the service center numerous times before you get a definite answer.

Self device pickup – After you get a confirmation on the completion of the service, you have to go to the service center again for your device pick up. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, you may or may not have to wait in line again to collect the device after thorough checking.

Pay a big service amount – They do repair your phone but at the cost of your time and mental peace. To top it off, it is usually also an expensive affair when it comes to Apple products.

You could either go through all the above steps to get your phone repaired or just call uBreakiFix. We are the go-to service centre for iPhone repair in  Sydney CBD and after reading below, you will be convinced as to why we should be your next pick for iPhone or rather iOS/ Google pixel mobile repair in Sydney NSW . The reasons are not one but plenty:

#1 iPhone repair at the doorstep

Our runners will come to pick up and drop your phone at your convenient time and place, be it your office or home. We make sure that you do not miss your office or spend time travelling to and fro from the service center and wait in a queue for hours.

#2 Free Diagnostic

Our Customer service executives will do a thorough probing, answer all your questions and provide a free consultation before you decide to choose to get your device repaired.

#3 Quick Turnaround time

Our technicians are so well skilled that they solve the problems of your iPhone in flat 24 hours! Yes, we promise to get your phone back to you within 24 hours so that you can get back to your comfort zone as soon as possible.

#4 Genuine Spare Parts

The one common worry for all customers is something we have taken care of. The spare parts used by us are 100% genuine. We are ethical in our service and make sure our customers get the best-in-class parts.

#5 Lifetime Warranty

Our service comes with a lifetime warranty (except on battery, as generally a battery’s performance is bound to degrade over time) that we bet no other iPhone service center in Sydney gives. Because we use genuine parts and know that our technicians are the best at their job, we believe you will not need any follow-ups after getting your iPhone repaired from us.

#6 Affordable charges

We give service at the best price. Our charges are very reasonable and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

#7 More than 100K happy customers and counting

The testimony to our success story is our 10000+ happy customers who have not had a complaint with our service, be it the professionalism or the prices we charge. Our customers are our greatest support system and it’s their faith in us that keeps us going.

If all the above are not going to make us trending, then what will? All we believe in is providing premium services to our customers. No marketing gimmicks, no fake promises – just a team of dedicated people serving as per your convenience. Still, we would encourage you to not go on our words but to contact us for any kind of iPhone service.