OLED ( Original Part ) is latest technology that is used by Apple in its latest series phones such as iPhone X Xs XS Max and 11 Pro Series .

Colour OLED screens are superior to premium (aftermarket) quality OLED and LCD screens on the basis that they deliver brighter, more vibrant colours with better contrast Making them more suitable for displaying HDR pictures and video. 

Battery They also feature better refresh rates which is great if you are a gamer also OLED consumes less battery.

Water Resistance iPhone 11 iPhone X,XR, XS and iPhone XS Max have a rating of IP68 under IEC standard .

True Tone is a relatively recent display feature on iOS devices that allows your iPhone display to adjust its color temperature based on the light of its current surroundings. Warmer light in the room leads to warmer colors on your display. The effect somewhat mirrors what happens when light hits a piece of paper, and Apple says that the feature is in part meant to reduce eye strain.



Premium Quality LCD ( Aftemarket ) Part although the performance of colours, brightness and contrast is not as impressive as Original OLED , This is a great option for iPhone owners looking for a good user experience, without breaking the bank. 

Premium Quality OLED ( Aftermarket ) Part in the market last couple of months we have tested this part colour of the display very impressive but we find aftermarket oled screens uses high battery to make it brighter also they are making iPhone heat up more also aftermarket OLED screens are very fragile also cost is very high as per our pass experinece testing it fails our qualty control testing and thats why we are not using and not recomeneding to replace with it .