Thank you for participating in the uBreakiFix cash-back offer.

By sending your phone/device, you accept the Terms & Conditions outlined below.

I agree to the following Terms & Conditions of

1. Data Security and Device Reset: It is the customer's responsibility to back up any data, delete all personal information, and reset the device to factory settings before sending it to uBreakiFix. While uBreakiFix will attempt to reset any received devices to factory default and erase all content and settings, this process may not be possible if the device is in an irrecoverable state. In such instances, it remains the customer's responsibility to ensure their data is secured. uBreakiFix is not responsible for any loss of data.

2. I confirm that I am the sole and rightful owner of the mobile phone being sold to uBreakiFix. Should any traded-in device(s) be found lost or stolen, I forfeit my right to payment.

3. The condition and model number of the device(s) provided to uBreakiFix are accurate.

4. uBreakiFix is not liable for items lost or damaged in transit by Australia Post via our Free Satchel Method. Customers are advised to consider Australian Post's extra cover options for additional security during transit.

5. uBreakiFix is not liable for items lost or damaged in transit by Australia Post using your own postage method. Purchasing insurance through Australia Post is recommended for added security and peace of mind.

6. Risk-Free Evaluation/Service: The device will be assessed upon receipt, based on conditions including but not limited to those listed on our website.

7. Sending stolen, blocked, counterfeit, or fake devices will result in police notification. No payment will be made, and the device(s) will not be returned.

8. uBreakiFix reserves the right to reject phones from overseas. In such cases, a lesser value offer may be presented, which can be accepted or rejected.

9. Devices with liquid or physical damage may receive a revised offer, which you can accept or have the device returned free of charge.

10. I understand and agree that all data on the device may be deleted and will be unrecoverable.

11. Devices must be received within 14 days from the trade-in offer date; otherwise, a lesser amount may be offered, subject to acceptance or rejection.

12. All device pricing includes GST.

13. I will ensure all payment information is accurate. uBreakiFix is not responsible for loss due to incorrect payment details provided by the customer.

14. I agree to OPT-IN to uBreakiFix newsletters, with the option to OPT-OUT at any time.

15. Personal identifiable information provided to uBreakiFix is governed by the privacy policy available on, subject to periodic updates.

16. Items sent with the phone, like chargers, covers, USB devices, micro-USB cards, SIM cards, and boxes, will be recycled or disposed of and will not be returned if the final assessment is rejected.

17. uBreakiFix has the right to reject phones with missing/aftermarket parts or unauthorized repairs. This includes jailbroken Apple iPhones and rooted Android phones.

18. Any device issues will be communicated via email and phone for a revised offer. Without response within 14 days, payment for the revised price will proceed.

19. iCloud locked devices will be disposed of 14 days after a notification to unlock them from the iCloud account.

20. Sending a device without a "sell order" on the website will prompt uBreakiFix to attempt contact. If unclaimed after 2 weeks, the device will be processed, waiving rights to request the handset back. The "current website price" will be offered at the time of contact.

21. Proof of purchase may be requested for mobile phones or tablets. Inability to provide this may result in order rejection.

22. Valid Australian driving license or passport must be provided when selling mobile phone devices or tablets. Failure to provide this documentation gives uBreakiFix the right to reject your order.