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Quotes based on devices in original condition.

Our service & warranty benefits

uBreakifix are the only repair company in Australia offering original parts .

- 2 Years Warranty

- Doesn't effect fingerprint function

- Keeps your device still in original condition

Our highest priority is offering an unrivalled fast repair, using Quality parts and maintaining security in our resolve to deliver a great experience.

How to avoid dodgy repair .

Recently there have been many pop-up repair stores which have been opening and falsely advertising, claiming to use original screens.

These pop-up stores, in actuality, use fake screens and usually don’t have a background of any sort 

Furthermore, they are using low quality fake parts which have no retina display.

There will be a blue hue to the screen.

After a few weeks it will quickly become unresponsive.

Using non-original screens can also, more often than not, cause further problems to your phone.

Tips for avoiding dodgy parts 

- White iPhone`s Colour doesn't appear to be white but more creamy

- White points and dead pixels on screen (Only visible on a white screen background)

- LCD coloration has no retina display and has a faded coloration

 -Backlight brightness is no where near the quality of an original screen

- Has unresponsive multi-touch  

- Rough edges which are meant to be smooth in texture

 -3D touch also won't work properly or stop working completely.

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With Booking 20 minutes.

No Booking  45 Minutes 

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