iPhone 5 Screen Repair

Genuine Part ✓
Maintenance Apple Warranty ✓
Retains Water Resistance After Repair ✓

This iPhone screen damage is only limited to the glass.
This option will void you having to pay a display damage fee and will keep your original oled display.


iPhone 5C Original Part ( Glass +Retina LCD )


iPhone 5s Original Part ( Glass + Retina LCD )


iPhone 5se Original Part ( Glass + LCD )


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Our service & warranty benefits

Beware of the scam where some competitors advertise glass only repair charge separately for a broken glass and a broken LCD.

Don’t risk being drawn in at a cheap advertised glass only repair price then paying double  in the store ( LCD DAMAGE PRICE ) with our competitors .LCD being fused together as the same component.

We are proud to provide fast,efficient, and long-lasting iPhone screen replacement services to the Sydney community.

Fast & Convenient quality repair in 20 minutes while you're on your lunch break. How good is that? Book Now!

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